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Please visit my psychotherapy website, East West Psychotherapy,

for further information and to get in touch.




I believe in the strength and autonomy of individuals. My goal is to help you facilitate the changes that a part of you already knows you want to make — the same part of you that brought you to this site.  My skills include:

  • Couples counseling following the Gottman method.

  • Individual psychotherapy.

  • Psychoeducational trainings.

  • Speaking engagements (individual and panels) around mental health, wellness, and psychotherapy (to view past speaking experience, please click here).


For further information such as rates, a free 20 minute consultation, or to be added to my client waitlist, please visit my psychotherapy practice East West Psychotherapy at

Nidhi Berry, LMHC, LICSW.png
Therapy is storytelling. You tell your story over and over again, and each time it’s a new story, and each time it’s a little bit more true, and at some point you create the version of the story that you can live with.
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